The Clash of Clans Laboratory is one of the most crucial components to progressing in the game. It exists solely to improve the effectiveness of your troops and spells in battle.

CoC LaboratoryThe Laboratory unlocks when you reach Town Hall Level 3 and it’s paramount that you have it built as soon as possible. Simply click on the laboratory and select the troop you wish to upgrade. Once the upgrade process is done with, all the troops in your camp (even the ones frolicking around in the village) will get automatically upgraded to their next level with slightly better HP and DPS. You don’t need to have available builders for this to happen (the mysterious alchemists residing in the lab take care of that!).

Upgrading troops is an expensive investment but it’s worth the price (in Elixir or Dark Elixir) as the change is permanent. The laboratory can also upgrade your spells much the same way as troops, increasing their strength and their subsequent building cost. As with many things in the game, you can use gems to speed up the process but acquiring that many gems will probably require you to spend actual money on the game.

The laboratory structure takes up 8 square blocks (4X4) of your map. Once upgraded, the troop will go through various graphical changes. The laboratory itself goes through various visual changes when upgraded but that will be focused on later in the guide. Speaking of which, if you’re thinking of upgrading your laboratory, make sure it’s done researching whatever it was currently researching at that point because the upgrade process pauses the research for as long as it takes to upgrade the laboratory. While you cannot cancel the research itself, you can immediately complete the lab upgrade with the use of a substantial amount of gems. [click to continue…]


Clash of Clans Dragon

dragonAmong all the Tier 3 troops, the Clash of Clans Dragon is by far the most versatile. You could even say that it’s a hybrid troop, as in it can dish out a hefty amount of damage and take a lot of damage at the same time. This is the only troop type that is as durable and efficient except for the P.E.K.K.A. The obvious downside is that it can take a lot of money and time to get them ready for battle.

While at Level 4 the dragon is a total beast, dealing out 200 damage per second and be able to live a reasonable amount of time with 2500 hit-points, a Level 1 dragon is no push-over. Because of the fact that dragons can fly, they can avoid mortar fire, cannon fire, ground xbows, and attack enemy flying units to boot, giving you total control of the air and be able decimate most ground structures they randomly come across (more on how to circumvent this random attack pattern later in the guide). Add to that, its attacks do splash damage and are, of course, ranged.

You can make them at town hall seven when you upgrade your barracks to level 9. And as you know, at that level, you can only build 2 air defenses which most people completely ignore. You can use this exploit to steam-roll through low to medium level villages for extra loot. I personally find the 20 housing spaces they require to be a bit too much, but even 4 dragons are enough to weaken a village’s defenses before the main infantry roll in for the kill.

dragon levels [click to continue…]


Clash of Clans Good Base Strategies

I received a question from a friend who’s just starting out with Clash of Clans.

His question:

“What do you think are Clash of Clans good base strategies? Where should things like defenses be placed? Resources? Townhall?”

Let me answer it in this post.

Well, this is a very broad question, but I will try to give a good summary of the basics of base building.

1) The center of your base is prime real estate.

When you first design a base, start with the center. The middle of your base is the most important part as it both is the hardest place for an attacker to reach, and allows whatever defenses are there to cover the largest area of your base possible (and because of the previous point, for the longest time possible). Thus, you need to place your most important buildings there. For me, I like to make the center of my base a 6×6 tile square. This is because it allows me to place either 4 3×3 buildings in the center (when I am farming, I usually put the clan castle, and one of each of the three storages here) or a 4×4 and 3 2×2 buildings (when I am trophy hunting, I put my town hall and three hidden teslas here) in the middle of my base. [click to continue…]


So, when you first start out, upgrade you collectors.

The first two days, don’t break your shield and just get collectors up.

The third day, focus on defenses, right until your initial shield expires.

Then, when you first start attacking people, go back to getting your collectors up to about level six (though do balance it with defenses. If you have two builders, split them on defense/collector), since when you are that low a level, you don’t get too much loot from raids, and the collectors provide a nice, reliable source of income.

If you don’t play too much, they might even be your primary source of income.

However, once you get to the point where it takes a day to upgrade a collector, its time to focus on defenses.

Once your are a high enough level that you can reliably farm others for gold (about Townhall Lvl 6), the mines become your secondary way go gather resources. At this point, you should be able to farm so that your builders are constantly busy. If so, make sure they are busy on defenses. However, when you want to upgrade walls, you will not have much free gold (since it is immediately spent on walls, not saved up).

During this time, you will likely have free builders who would normally be upgrading defenses. Now, you will want to use them to upgrade your collectors.


Clash of Clans Hack? Hack Tool?

So…you’re looking for a Clash of Clans hack or Clash of Clans hack tool to get more Gems, Elixir, Gold and other upgrades?

No doubt you’re looking for an easier and faster way to build your base and get all the bells and whistles Clash of Clans has to offer.

After much investigation, there are Clash of Clans hack tools that claim to give you as much Elixir, Gold and Gems as you want by hacking and altering your profile in Gamecenter, since that’s where all your data is stored.

Clash of Clans Hack

As tempting as it sounds, Apple is not stupid. These hack tools may work in the short term but Gamecenter will eventually be able to detect a hack. Besides, that’s part of why we have to use Gamecenter.

A Wiser Thing To Do Other Than A Clash of Clans Hack

I’m not a fan of using Clash of Clans hacks and cheats. What’s the point in a game then?

A more wiser and smarter thing to do is to know the gameplay. Work on your strategy and tactics.

There are guides out there which will help you in at least fast-tracking your learning curve so that you can sort of ‘copy’ what they’re doing like how to lay out your defense walls for maximum defense from enemies.

A good way to model someone else’s base is to take a screenshot of that player’s base for reference. You can then see how they lay out their walls, defenses and buildings.

Another Way To Speed Up Things Without a Clash of Clans Hack

And of course, a faster way to build your base, army and to speed things up, you can use Gems. Gems will need to be earned or purchased as an In-app purchase. You can earn Gems by clearing out trees and stones around your base. Sometimes you’ll find those hidden gems. In addition, you can earn Gems by claiming achievements.

That’s definitely a more legitmate way of speeding things up rather than using a Clash of Clans hack tool.

Chief, I created this site to give you the tips, knowledge and guide to making the most out of Clash of Clans, not to provide you with a Clash of Clans hack or tool.



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